Lima, from May 17 to 20, 2019

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Because we highly value the participation of our international visitors, we always work to make the event not only as informative as possible, but also enjoyable. As a visitor, you will be able to select the companies of most interest to your organization and pre-register for meetings with them. You will also be able to reach out to these companies prior to the event to solicit any further information that you require.

Register now! Registration will be open until April 5, 2019.

After your registration you will receive a username / password that will allow you to access the appointment system from Monday 15 until Tuesday 30 April 2019 and select the company of your interest, as well as access your appointment summary before the event.

Thanks for your interest. Peru is waiting for you!

Company Information Please fill in the information to be printed in the Official Directory

Please provide a short brief of your company. Limit 40 words.

Delegate Information Please list names and titles of attending Delegates

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Marketing Information for the Official Directory

A. Type of Company

B. How long is the company operating?

C. Your company’s specialty: (You can check more than one)

D. Type of customers

E. Accomodation type provided: (You can check more than one)

F. Does your company sell Latin America?

G. How many travellers did you send to Peru during the last two years?

H. What is your annual sales volume for Peru as a destination?

I. Please Indicate vacations period in your country

J. Please indicate the average number of nights spent by your clients when visiting Latin America

K. What are the reasons to participate in this event?

L. Why would you consider Peru within your tourist offer?

M. Have you previously participated in other editions of Peru travel Mart?

Registration Fees Information

Registration fees: US$ 264.00 (per participant)
It Includes:
- Airport / Hotel / Airport transfers on official arrival days (May 17) and departure (May 19 and 20).
- Hotel / event / Hotel transfers.
- 3 nights’ accommodations including breakfast.
- Invitation to social events: Opening and Closing.
- 2 lunches.
- Tour in Lima. Limited places.
- Personalized agenda of pre-scheduled appointments
- Insurance assistance during the days of the event
Does not include:
- International air ticket
- Pre / Post Tours

Terms of Agreement

The company and its registered delegates must assumed the following commitments:

Every Company and its delegates registered as Buyers must assume the following commitments:
• Review the Suppliers profile before the opening of the appointment system, so they can request their business meetings with the Supplier of their interest. The supplier profile will be sent by the organization.
• Open the appointment system: request the business appointments with the supplier of your interest.
• Respond the requests for appointment by the supplier within a maximum period of 3 days.
• Keeping with all business appointments pre-scheduled with the Supplier, on Saturday, May 18, 2019.
• Attend and participate in the Speed Networking Session, on Sunday, May 19, 2019.
• Attend to the seminars scheduled for the event.
• Participate in all activities planned by The Organization.

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