Mincetur declares PTM 2018 as of “National Interest Tourist Event”

Due to its important contribution to the development of the tourist activity in the country, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur) declared Peru Travel Mart – PTM 2018 as of “National Interest Tourist Event”, to be held in the City of Lima, on April 27-30, 2018.
By means of a Directorial Resolution, Mincetur states that PTM 2018 is a platform that stimulates the promotion and later trading of Peruvian touristic destinations, which exclusively involves business spaces between local tour operators and international tour operators from worldwide.
“This event will allow strengthening the promotion of non-associated tourist destinations in Peru, thus enabling its diversification, which means a unique opportunity for increasing the number of foreign visitors”, states the document when citing the arguments held by the Camara Nacional de Turismo – CANATUR (National Chamber of Tourism).
As is well known, Peru Travel Mart (PTM) is the most important business round for the promotion of inbound tourism in the country. This annual event is organized by Canatur and PromPeru together.
“It is hereby decided to declare Peru Travel Mart – PTM 2018 as of National Interest Tourist Event, to be held in the City of Lima on April 27-30, 2018 (…) Canatur must deliver to the Direccion General de Políticas de Desarrollo Turistico (Tourist Development Policies Office) of the Vice-Ministry of Tourism, the Executive Report about the event’s results, 30 days after its execution”.

At one and a half month away from the PTM 2018 date, the number of participants registered in the event surpasses 200 companies, among domestic vendors and foreign buyers interested in trading Peru as a destination.
As Portal de Turismo was able to take knowledge of, currently there are 107 confirmed domestic companies as vendors, both in the business tables and in stands, of which over 70 are from Lima, 13 from Cusco, 6 from Iquitos and the rest come from other regions in the country.
Also, more than 100 tour operators and wholesales international agencies have confirmed their assistance to PTM 2018 as buyers, among which outstands the participation of countries such as Brazil, Mexico, United States, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, France and Italy. Likewise, other companies from far away markets such as the Arab Emirates, India and South Africa shall arrive to the event.

Canatur informed that registration is opened until March 23, 2018 for domestic vendors interested in participating in PTM 2018.
For further information please contact by Phone: 715-5982 or by e-mail: registro1@perutravelmart.com.pe
The registration link for vendors is: http://www.perutravelmart.com.pe/es/registration/supplier
Likewise you may visit the official PTM 2018 Website: www.perutravelmart.com.pe